ROI Calculator

Want to know how much revenue and profit an online ad campaign could bring in?

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, you can accurately predict the performance and profitability of a campaign before before you start it. All you need is a few key pieces of data. 

Scroll below the calculator for a glossary of terms.


ROAS - Return on Ad Spend, the amount of revenue generated expressed as a multiple of the revenue invested/ i.e if £100 was invested & £200 was generated then the ROAS multiple is 2x (or 200%)

Ad Budget - the amount to be invested into ads in return  

Website Conversion Rate - the % of website visitors that turn into customers

Life Time Value of Customer - The total revenue the average customer will bring to your business across all purchases they make.

Cost per Click - how much you pay for a click on an ad. If you don't know this you can roughly estimate this at £1cpc if the products/services you sell are priced at <£100, £2cpc for <£1000 & £3 for >£1000

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